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Health & Safety Guidelines & Procedures


With the focus on the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat across the country, with more states and counties taking bold action to keep schools safe. Based on the updated guidance we received in August 2020 we have made some changes and adjustments to our program and policies to comply with these new requirements. I have included the changes that directly impact families as well as some general information and policies we have in place for providing a quality, safe and healthy childcare program. 

We are fortunate that we have only had 2 reported cases of COVID-19 in our immediate school environment between March 2020 thru December 2020. That said, the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and extended community are our top priorities. We will continue to closely monitor any local coronavirus developments and have developed an internal task force to make decisions daily and try to prepare ourselves for a variety of scenarios. We are committed to making fact-based decisions—informed by official sources—and will notify you of our decisions as quickly as possible. We are also in regular contact with other providers across the country through a variety of resources and are committed to sharing our best ideas and practices. 

Child care is a critical part of the public health emergency response team

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.

  • Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).

  • Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks.

  • These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.

  • Studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms.

Knowing these facts, KELC has implemented many new safety measures for families, children and teachers to follow so that we are an important part of reducing the spread and keeping everyone as healthy as possible.

Health & Hygiene

We continue to act with vigilance in promoting overall preventative health hygiene to minimize the spread of infectious diseases within our schools, including:

  • All children and staff will wash their hands immediately upon arrival, after outside times, after using the restroom, before and after meals, blowing noses and any other times necessary.

  • Daily “wellness” checks of children & staff—promptly sending anyone home if they show signs of illness.

  • Daily temperature checks for children and staff

  • Repeated cleaning of “high-touch” surfaces throughout the school day.

  • Families and staff are required to follow the Early Learning Division Exclusion Chart (see chart) if Covid-19 symptoms develop

Social Distancing Strategies

KELC staff will work with the local health officials to determine a set of strategies appropriate for KELC. We will use preparedness strategies and the following social distancing strategies

  • Special events such as, field trips, outside presenters/visitors, holiday events & programs have been postponed or canceled. Children will still go outside and get exercise in the safest environment possible.  Bathrooms, playground equipment and toys are sanitized in between each group and whenever else necessary throughout the day. 

  • Contactless check in/out in the lobby.  Any contact between parents and staff members are to adhere to social distancing recommendations.

  • All parents and staff will wear a face covering as well as children kindergarten and older

  • Request that all staff, children and families Follow Marion County Phase Specific Guidelines at all times.  Even when not at the center

  • Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking that any children or staff (or those with household members) who have traveled to a hot spot area NOT come to school for a 14-day period from the date of their return. This is not local or national health authority guidance but rather our school policy. We understand that this may pose a significant inconvenience, but please know that we make this request with the wellbeing of our community as our priority.

  • Communication is important for all staff and families.  Regular communication will continue through email by the director as well as face to face when/if possible and we will utilize our new Procare Connect App to the extent possible. Please be sure to enroll in the new app so we may try to have the best communication possible during this time.

  • Tours have been and will continue to be conducted after hours when children and staff are not present. 

Key Program Operations

  • Hours 7:15am – 5:15pm

  • We have been allowed to have parents come into the front lobby area for drop off and pick-up times. Drop off and pick-up times need be staggered & a contactless check in & out system will be implemented.

  • Drop off time will be between 7:15-8:30 we will send out a sign-up to schedule your families drop off & pick-up time.  We understand that appointments and other things happen that may affect the drop off time.  If you need to make any changes to your scheduled drop off time please contact the center and we will make necessary adjustments. 

1 Family In The Lobby At A Time.

1 Family Standing By The Front Door.

Please Wait By A Cone For Opening.

Please Use Sanitizer Before Entering.

  • Children in Kindergarten and older are REQUIRED to wear face covering while at our center.  Adults and children who are kindergarten age and up must wear a face covering when outside if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained

  • Children’s personal items must come in a backpack or bag.  All of their belongings must fit into their bag (please limit items brought in).  Bedding will be sent home on Fridays in their bag. 

  • Parents will need to supply lunches (please send in a lunch box with an ice pack).  Lunches will be kept in your child’s class.  We will supply milk with their lunch from home. 

  • KELC WILL provide AM & PM snack

  • Breakfast, Lunch and infant formula ARE NOT CURRENTLY provided by KELC.

  • Stable group sizes will change for preschool and school age:                                           

Infant & Toddlers are able to have 8 children with 2 teacher.

Preschool are able to have 20 children with 2 teachers in their stable group. 

School Age are able to have 20 children with 2 teachers in their stable group OR

School Age are able to have 15 children with 1 teacher.

  • Late pick up fees will be applied after 5:15pm ($5 per minute, per child).                                                      Please arrive in adequate time to check your child out by the time we close. 

If Kuebler Early Learning Center has a case of Covid-19

  • KELC will notify families and staff of the exposure

  • KELC will report the confirmed case to the Marion County Health Department and the Early Learning

  • Division and follow their specific guidelines

  • Determine the date of symptom onset for the child/staff member

  • Determine if the child/staff member attended/worked at the program while symptomatic or during the 2 days before symptoms began

  • Identify what days the child/staff member attended/worked during that time

  • Determine who had close contact with the child/staff member at the program during those days.

  • Close off areas used by the individuals with COVID-19

  • Potential short school wide dismiss students and most staff for 2-5 days.  This initial short-term dismissal after a confirmed COVID-19 case allows time for the local health officials to gain a better understanding of the COVID-19 situation impacting our school. This allows the local health officials to help the school determine appropriate next steps, including whether an extended dismissal duration is needed to stop or slow further spread of COVID-19.  As well as allow us the opportunity to initiate “deep cleaning/disinfecting” protocols.

  • Exclude/quarantine the children and staff members who are determined to have had close contact with the affected child/staff member for 14 days after the last day they had contact with the affected child/staff member

  • In the event that we have a positive case or an outbreak and have to close our center or certain groups/classes we are unfortunately unable to offer refunds or credits for any closures. 


As always please come to us with any questions or suggestions. 
We are committed to working together to ensure the health and safety of the children and families we serve.